Between the Past That is About to Happen and the Future That has Already Been

Krassimir Terziev
  • year 2015
  • Publisher Iztok-Zapad Publishing
  • ISBN ISBN 978-619-152-726-7
  • Format 136 pages, hard cover, english/bulgarian
  • Contributors

    Authors: Iara Boubnova, Vladiya Mihaylova, Krassimir Terziev
    Translation Lyubov Kostova 

available online: here


Krassimir Terziev
  • year Sofia, 2012
  • Publisher East-West / ICA-Sofia
  • ISBN ISBN 9786191521319
  • Format Soft cover, 192 pp, 16.5/23 cm
  • Contributors

    Editors: Diana Popova, Kiril Prashkov; English translation: Lyubov Kostova

Extra Work: Taking the Figure of the Extra in Cinema as a Metaphor

Krassimir Terziev
  • year Stuttgart, 2008
  • Publisher merz&solitude, Reihe Projektiv
  • ISBN 978-3-937158-35-8
  • Format paperback; 21 x 23,5 cm Pages: 86, English/Bulgarian
  • Contributors

    With texts by Jean-Baptiste Joly, Iara Boubnova, Alexander Kiossev, Ivaylo Ditchev, Hedwig Saxenburger.

    Available online at, or from Akademie Solitude, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Gaze for the Pale City

eds. Diana Popova, Maria Vassileva, Kiril Prashkov
  • year Sofia, 2004
  • Publisher Revolver
  • ISBN 3-86588-028-2
  • Format 23x16.5 cm, p. 104,
  • Contributors

    Introduction by Iara Boubnova. Essays by Alexander Kiossev, Dianna Popova, Luchezar Bojadjiev.

Visual Seminar, Issue 2

Works 1996-1998

Krassimir Terziev
  • year 1998
  • Publisher Soro Centre for the Arts - Sofia
  • Format 30x21 cm, soft cover, 16 p
  • Contributors

    Introductory text by Svilen Stefanov