Top 84 Ways of Going Greener at Home New World Order

Things We Know We Know. Things We Know We Don't Know. Things We Don't Know We Don't Know. Things We Don't Know We Know

April/May 2020, computer generated video, 1 min, looped, 4K, no sound,
EA 5 + 2 AP

#Stayhome was a mantra repeated over three months from March 13th to May 13th across Europe and large parts of the world. Home became the only surviving fortress of security, confidence and life. The world-engulfing flood was broadcasted live on a myriad of channels. The horizon was sealed. The piece is photogrammetric 3D model of our family home - our bunker, our Noah's arc. It is a world map in the state of Lockdown.

Krassimir Terziev. New World Order #Exhibition-In-The-Exhibition "State of Normality", Jun 16 — 27 2020, Structura Gallery, curated by Maria Vassileva

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