There Are Winters for Which Noone Is Prepared A Walk in the Gallery

I Am in a Room Different From the One You Are In*

2021, computer generated video based on a photogrametric model, 14 min, 4K UHD, 16:9, sound,
sound design: Alexander Yanev
AE 5 + 2AP
installation view, Jelko Terziev/ Krassimir Terziev. Schroedinger's Cat, 2021, Plus 359 Gallery, Sofia Bozhana Dimitrova, Plus 359 Gallery

A flight through a photogrammetric 3D model of our country house, which in this case functions as a time-machine to go back to a hypothetical Urzeit, as a Noah's arc, as a spaceship evacuating from a planetary catastrophe. It is a world map in the state of Lockdown.

It is also a reflection on the new world of computational photography where photogrammetry belongs to. A magical world built out of photographic surfaces - a world with no depth, no weight, no gravity.

*The title is a tribute to the seminal sound art piece by Alvin Lucier "I am sitting in a room" composed in 1969.

Jelko Terziev / Krassimir Terziev. Schrödinger's cat, Mar 17 — Apr 17, 2021, Plus 359 Gallery, Sofia

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